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Crew Administration

Steering Your Crew Management to Perfection

At Fairport Global, our dedicated Crew Managers possess profound knowledge in navigating the intricate laws outlined by MLC* and will support your crew employer throughout the employment journey of each seafarer from recruitment to termination. Providing a comprehensive crew management service.

*The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) is the legal standard issued by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to ensure the wellbeing and safety of seafarers.

Primary Liaison

Acting as a primary contact point, your Crew Manager facilitates communication between third-party employment agents, yacht captains, and internal teams.

Crew Grievances

Addressing and guiding crew through the process of grievances to enable a positive outcome for all parties.

Crew Payroll

In liaison with the crew employer, your crew manager will ensure timely and accurate disbursement while adhering to MLC regulations.

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Financial Oversight

Crucial to cost containment, your Crew Manager monitors payroll, repatriation costs, accrued holiday allowances and termination pay-outs, all of which help keep a control on overall costs for yacht owners as we work alongside the yachts captain to respect budget limits.

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Crew Onboarding

This is where the crew members journey begins. We work with your chosen crew employer to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Certificate verification, safe manning eligibility and the on-time issuing of flag-state approved crew employment contracts (SEA – Seafarers Agreement).

Conversely, Fairport Global will work alongside your chosen crew employer to guide you through contract termination process whilst aligning with MLC guidelines to minimize disruptions.

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Crew Insurance

Our team will help navigate the complexities of crew insurance by ensuring comprehensive cover for all seafarers. We ensure all crew working onboard have appropriate medical cover in place and also that those working onboard commercial vessels have policies covering the requirements of MLC and Flag state rules.

We can also guide you through any social security contribution requirements depending on all the factors in play.


Will Fairport Global pay crew payroll?

Crew are employed by a third-party company, who manages employment and payroll tasks. Adding this layer and implementing a 3rd party crew employment company protects the owning company from liabilities and takes disburses payroll to Crew. Fairport entrusts and works collaboratively with the chosen employment company to ensure all calculations for payroll are accurate and paid in a timely manner.

Who do I contact for complaints onboard?

Fairport Global will provide a complaints procedure policy to be displayed in the crew mess as part of the SMS (Safety Management System) in addition to the Crew handbook published by the 3rd party crew employer.

What does MLC have to do with Crew and owner?

An owner of a yacht is considered to be responsible for the care and safety of the crew on board their vessel. Medical costs, sick wages, the costs of repatriating an injured crew member, hiring a replacement as well as compensation costs arising from illness, permanent injury and death are not covered under most yacht insurance policies, and should be under a separate medical policy. It depends on the employment package and the crew are responsible for checking as to whether health insurance is covered or whether they need to organize their own.

When employing crew, who checks their qualifications meet the vessels requirements?

All commercial vessels require a certain amount of skeleton crew onboard to ensure safe operations. We understand the requirements and refer to the flag state Manning certificate to ensure all crew onboard have the necessary qualifications, endorsements and medical certificates to be employed on your yacht.

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