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Yacht Safety, Security & Compliance Services

Bespoke Safety Solutions Tailored to Your Yacht

Fairport Global’s expert team is well versed in all aspects of yacht safety and compliance regulations.

Our International Safety Management (ISM) Services ensures your Safety and Security comply to the required code of practice.

Your dedicated Yacht Manager will continually monitor the ever-changing landscape of international maritime regulations to make sure that all relevant changes are applied onboard.

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Set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) a simplified version of the full ISM allocated to Yachts under 500GT establishes guidelines and systems for the safe operation of yachts with regards to the safety of passengers, crew and the protection of the environment. Fairport Global’s mini-ISM system is customised specifically to the needs of the yacht and includes mandatory compliance with all relevant regulations including ISM, MLC, MARPOL and SOLAS.

This service includes both the development of the systems, including onboard set up and management, plus oversight of the systems once they are in place:

SMS System

Implementing a robust safety management system onboard the yacht with access to Manage My Vessel (MMV).

MMV (Manage My Vessel)

Use of Fairport Global’s real time Yacht Management Software is an integral part of our Yacht Management service for both Full ISM and Mini-ISM. With 24/7 online access to the entire ISM System, including the initial set up of the ISM System, crew training and familiarization. The owner, Captain and yacht manager can monitor the yacht’s statutory and classification society certification, crew information and much more real time information at anytime from anywhere.


Regular communication with Captain and Chief Officer to ensure Mini-ISM procedures are being carried out (Drills, Risk Assessments, Passage Plans, Cabin Inspections, Certification …)

  • Compliance and regulatory matters
  • Insurance Policies
  • Implementation of the requirements for MLC 2006
  • Monitoring and advice on all current and future regulations
  • First point of contact for fiscal enquiries / VAT matters

Flag & Class

Verification and ongoing maintenance of your yacht’s statutory, flag-state and classification society certification requirements.

Survey Compliance

Standing by your Captain’s side through Flag/Class Surveys and Port State Control (PSC) to assist with your vessel’s commercial compliance.

Mini-ISM Internal Audit

Our team of qualified and experienced Auditors carry out an annual gap analysis of your vessel’s general condition, operational readiness, supporting captains in preparation for annual/Special flag class surveys and potential Port State Controls (PSCs).


Organisation and verification of all yacht documentation and certification together with detailed maintenance of shore-based records to provide additional backup and assurance.

Rolled up technical drawing plans

Technical Support

Our team can provide expert guidance and support to ensure that your yacht is maintained in excellent condition throughout your period of ownership. This can also include the implementation and ongoing management of a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) to capture all repair, servicing and maintenance records together with critical equipment oversight.

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Shipyard Works & Refit

Our team have a proven track record in managing complicated technical refits, period maintenance, paint jobs, repairs and periodic system upgrades.

We are adept at reviewing quotes, highlighting gaps in the scope of works being offered, giving sound advice on pricing, negotiating warranties, and controlling budgets.

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Fairport will liaise with insurance brokers to provide competitive rates for your hull and machinery coverage and Protection & Indemnity (P&I) insurance.

  • Arrange competitive insurance quotations
  • Liaise with insurance brokers (and, if requested, with underwriters)
  • Provide assistance to the owner’s insurance broker with administration of claims
  • Assistance with renewals
  • Ensure all relevant insurance documents are filed onboard


Who makes sure my yacht is safe and following all the rules and regulations? Is it my crew or Yacht Managers?

With Fairport Global, each of our yachts is appointed a Yacht Manager who will support the crew in implementing a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) ensuring the yacht complies with the relevant regulations and standards onboard. This includes managing the issuance of certificates documentation relevant to the vessels’ Flag & Class requirements.

What measures does the company take to ensure compliance with international regulations and flag state requirements?

Fairport Global constantly monitors changes in international maritime regulations and flag state requirements to assist in ensuring the yacht compliance.

Annual Mini ISM internal audits and inspections are carried out on the yachts to identify any potential compliance issues. These audits cover various aspects such as safety equipment, navigation systems and crew certification.

Can Fairport Global assist in determining the appropriate ownership structure and/or flag registration for a yacht?

Although we don’t provide corporate services internally, we have extensive experience collaborating with different providers across various jurisdictions. We can guide you in the right direction, considering your desired operations, whether the yacht will be private or commercial. Additionally, we can offer insights into the advantages and disadvantages of different options based on our first-hand years of experience. We can also provide assistance /act as intermediary with the selected providers or flag state on your behalf.

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Fairport Global is here to help you navigate all the safety, technical, and administrative aspects of luxury yachting.