Executive Assistant, Office Manager

Maria Pierce Schoenheit

Office Phone

+1 954 990 6482

Cell Phone

+1 954 997 0375

Fort Lauderdale Office

1535 Southeast 17th Street
Suite #208

My Present
Hello, my name is Maria Pierce Schoenheit, and I am the Executive Assistant at Fairport. My main responsibilities revolve around supporting C-Level Management in day-to-day operations, managing the executive calendar, and overseeing procedures at the Fort Lauderdale office. What I particularly enjoy about my job is the opportunity to work closely with all departments and immerse myself fully in company operations. Ensuring that we provide the best client service at Fairport Yacht Support is always our mission. As a cohesive team, we consistently strive to meet and exceed goals. The dynamic nature of the yacht industry keeps every day exciting and full of new challenges to overcome.

My Past
I am a Florida native with just a little overseas travel under my belt which led me to Fort Lauderdale. My journey into yachting began when I had the opportunity to be part of a crew delivering a sailboat from Fort Lauderdale to Newport, RI in 1995 and then Barcelona back to Newport, RI for my one and only “Atlantic crossing”. I realized that land-based life was better suited to me, leading me to my current role in the yachting industry. Prior to my role at Fairport, I co-owned Ocean View Yacht Windows, based in Fort Lauderdale which provided me with hands-on experience and a solid foundation both behind a desk and in the field, giving me invaluable insights into the heart of the industry.

My Future
Looking ahead, I envision further refining my skills and ability in the maritime industry. My current role at Fairport Yacht Support provides me with valuable knowledge and a wealth of connections. I aspire to grow and develop with my team. Whether it's expanding my knowledge in yacht management, exploring avenues in operations, or venturing into related fields, I am committed to continuous learning and professional advancement. My goal is to use my past experiences and present capabilities to carve out a future that aligns with my passion for our industry. As I navigate my career, I remain open to new challenges and opportunities that come my way, confident in my ability to adapt and thrive in any setting. With determination and perseverance, I am excited to follow my course towards a bright successful future in the maritime industry.

My Motto
You’ll never succeed if you don't try.

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