Yacht Accounts Manager

Killian Pugsley

Office Phone

+1 954 990 6482

Palm Beach Office

2010 Avenue B
West Palm Beach, FL 33404

My Present
Hello there, I'm Killian Pugsley, currently serving as a Yacht Accounts Manager at Fairport. In this role, I dedicate myself to assisting yacht owners in the meticulous financial management of their vessels. It's a profession that I find deeply fulfilling, especially when I can uncover innovative ways to optimize expenses in what is already a costly industry.

My Past
My roots lie in La Crosse, WI, where the yachting scene wasn't exactly thriving. However, my family frequently indulged in boating along the Mississippi River during the summer months. My grandfather's influence, a seasoned Yacht Captain, instilled in me a reverence for maritime life. His approach to handling boats mirrored that of a seasoned captain, leaving a lasting impression on me. Relocating to Florida introduced me to warmer climes but distanced me from my beloved pastime of Alpine Skiing, reigniting my interest in boating and the yachting world. After completing my education at Florida State University, I embarked on my professional journey at Fairport Yacht Support as a Yacht Accounts Assistant, eventually ascending to my current managerial position.

My Future
Looking ahead, I am driven to further immerse myself in the intricacies of the yachting industry. My career aspirations revolve around honing my expertise and staying abreast of the latest industry trends. Every day, my objective is to enhance the level of service I provide to our esteemed yacht owners.


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