Crew Compliance Manager

Cleo Thompson

Office Phone

+1 954 990 6482

Cell Phone

+1 754 301 4976

Fort Lauderdale Office

1535 Southeast 17th Street
Suite #208

My Present 

Hello, I’m Cleo Thompson, Crew Compliance Manager. My role is to oversee the daily operation of the Crew Compliance Department ensuring we stay current with ever changing regulations and improving our systems. Our team ensure crew are correctly certified and have the correct documents in place so the vessels comply with international regulations. Our goal is to find solutions.   

What makes my job unique is that our team is spread out worldwide. Amanda is in France, I amin Florida, and Sarah is in the Pacific Northwest. This allows us to cover a lot of ground and be available for our clients at all times. On a daily basis, I spend my time problem-solving and checking over all things Crew Compliance to keep the vessels running smoothly.

My Past

I grew up in a beautiful coastal community in New Zealand and worked in tourism before finding my passion for yachting. I worked my way up to Chief Stewardess and traveled to some amazing places like French Polynesia and Croatia. After eight years, I stepped ashore to raise my son before returning to work at Fairport Yacht Support.

My Future

I'm excited to see what I can achieve and want to travel to places I've always dreamed of visiting. Each day brings new opportunities, and I'm eager to explore them.

My Motto

Let go of what’s gone, be grateful for what remains and look forward to what is coming next.

My Outside-office Life

You’ll find me sidelined at the baseball field or any other sport my son is playing. I love traveling, spending time with my friends and family, good food and wine, attempting to grow things while enjoying beautiful days in my garden and fitting in as much as possible.

Fast Facts 

  • I can remember sporadic information that most people forget
  • My proudest accomplishment by far is seeing my son grow into a great man
  • I am a passionate traveler, enthusiastic about exploring new places and immersing in diverse cultures.
  • Eager to learn about different cultures through firsthand experiences.
  • I enjoy attending live music events and concerts.
  • Love the unique ambiance of an amphitheater for live music experiences.
  • I thrive on discovering new destinations and embracing novel experiences.

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