Yacht Accounts Manager

Chad Brown

Office Phone

+1 954 990 6482

Cell Phone

+1 754-301-8409

Fort Lauderdale Office

1535 Southeast 17th Street
Suite #208

My Present
Hi, my name is Chad Brown, and I am a Yacht Accounts Manager at Fairport. With a decade of experience in the industry, I've spent the last six years dedicated to Fairport. My role involves serving yacht owners and crew by facilitating budgets, financial reporting, managing funds, and overseeing crew payroll. I find immense satisfaction in working with clients from around the world, ensuring their programs run smoothly.

My Past
Originally hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, I made the move to Fort Lauderdale in 2014. Armed with a degree in Finance, I stumbled into the financial sector of yachting and found it to be an exciting addition to my professional journey.

My Future

As I look ahead, I aim to further elevate my expertise in yacht finance and management. I aspire to take on leadership roles within the industry, contributing to its growth and innovation. Additionally, I plan to continue exploring opportunities for personal and professional development, embracing new challenges with enthusiasm.

My Motto
"Life begins beyond the breakers."

Fast Facts

  • I have a passion for live music, finding joy in attending concerts and festivals.
  • Traveling is one of my greatest pleasures, allowing me to immerse myself in diverse cultures and experiences.
  • Skiing holds a special place in my heart, offering exhilarating adventures on the slopes.

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