Posted October 27, 2016

SYM recruiting crewmembers to join fleet

SYM Crew are recruiting for crew members to join 2015 fleet.

SYM Crew are very excited about the start of a new season here on the French Riviera.  Our managed fleet is expanding every year so we’re actively recruiting for captains, engineers, chefs, cook/stews, stews, mates, deckhands & deck/stews to work on our fleet and other motor-yachts ranging up to 100m.  Send your CVs to [email protected] letting her know where you are and what you’re looking for.

Victoria Young, co-founder of SYM Crew said “A lot of our team have worked on yachts for many years so we know what a tough job it is and have excellent instincts for who will be a good fit for each position.  What sets us apart from other agencies is that when we get a job enquiry we don’t send out 50 CVs; we hand select 2 or 3 candidates whose references and qualifications we have already checked and whom we have pre-interviewed.  We believe its so important to match the right person to the right job because experience has shown that happy crew in the right job provide the 5 star service the owner and guests deserve!”

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