Posted January 1, 2024

Fairport Sets the Standard for Yacht Support in 2023

Fairport Yacht Support stands boasting a fleet of 56 vessels, including a combined Gross Tonnage of 29,406 and an average insured value exceeding $976 million.

In the expanse of the maritime industry, Fairport Global emerges as a cornerstone, embodying two fundamental pillars: knowledge and experience. With an accumulated tenure nearing 360 years, the Fairport family epitomizes expertise, laying the groundwork for unmatched proficiency in maritime solutions. Since its inception in 2011, Fairport has grown exponentially, becoming one of the most trusted resources in yacht management. The brand is built on the philosophy that going the extra mile for our clients is part of the service provided.

Central to the narrative of Fairport Global is its formidable fleet, a testament to its commitment to excellence. As of 2023, the fleet comprises an impressive 56 vessels, collectively boasting a Length Overall (LOA) of 2,569 meters. This expansive fleet encapsulates an array of vessels, including 10 ISM vessels, 24 Mini-ISM vessels, 39 private vessels and 17 commercial vessels. This diversity underscores Fairport’s capability to cater to an extensive spectrum of maritime requirements with precision and efficacy.

What distinguishes Fairport’s fleet is not only its breadth but also its depth, evident in the spectrum of vessel sizes ranging from 20 meters to 86 meters, with an average LOA of 45 meters. This versatility empowers Fairport Global to navigate through projects of varying complexities with finesse, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Beyond sheer numbers, Fairport Global’s fleet boasts impressive metrics, with a combined Gross Tonnage (GT) of 29,406 and an average GT of 525. Moreover, with an average insured value exceeding $976 million, Fairport safeguards its assets, ensuring resilience in the face of maritime challenges.

However, at the core of Fairport Global’s success lies its dedicated crew of 559 professionals. Their commitment and profound expertise serve as the linchpin of Fairport’s operations, ensuring the seamless execution of tasks and the delivery of extraordinary service to clients worldwide.

Fairport Global is your trusted partner in personal luxury yachting, offering comprehensive support in safety, compliance, legal, fiscal, administrative, crewing, and operational aspects. Our dedicated team of yacht management professionals acts as your representative, ensuring smooth operations at every turn.

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