Posted February 24, 2017

AMELS Classic Car Rally 2016

SYM take part in the annual AMELS Classic Car Rally.


SYM had the pleasure of attending the now iconic AMELS Classic Car rally in April.

The event, hosted by the Dutch shipyard to bring together professionals from across the yachting industry, is an amazing opportunity to mix business with pleasure, all whilst driving some rare and classic cars! This year, the rally took place in the ‘Land of Rivers’ in and around the cosmopolitan and charming city of Utrecht, Holland.

AMELS hosts its Classic Car Rally, a chance for clients, owners’ teams and captains to jump behind the wheel. Whether it’s an invigorating tour around the islands of Zeeland or the Dutch ‘mountains’ near Maastricht, the rally has all the ingredients for a great weekend a wide range of classic automobiles from the 50s and 60s, smooth and quiet Dutch roads, and just a smidgen of friendly competition. The route takes in all the sights from the busy boulevard in Vlissingen to tree-lined dikes and winding coasts, ending up with an extended toast to quality motoring and a good night’s rest, staying in comfort and style.

Watch the video of the 2016 event here:



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